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    Welcome to AsianBetSoccer.com


    This site gives users the ability to monitor changes in Asian odds for matches around the world. After years of control and archiving, our study has found that the trend of similar changes in altitude often leads to the same result. Our staff has therefore decided to separate the Asian configurations of each game, grouping them according to logical criteria, and the result was amazing. The method obtained, became the "software ABS", allows us today to have a detailed statistic for each variation of the games of the whole world.

    How Service Works

    Asianbetsoccer stores match results in a database of over 1.5 million, based on the Asian odds offered for them. The matches are grouped by similar data, like spread and odds, total line and under/over, from open to current. To achieve targeted accuracy, the difference in points between open and current odds is also integrated. From the result obtained, our software also calculates the payout difference (the changes of bookmaker's profit margin from open to current). The set of these data forms the Asian configuration string. Our software works automatically to creates and constantly update every configurations, which includes all these parameters, for each new game in the schedule. The configuration created is searched in the database based on the desired filter, returning the number of similar games and the relative results trend. The software calculates the historical success rate of the configuration for each betting market, such as 1X2, Asian handicap, under/over, team score, both team score, multigoal. Final time, half time and second time markets are available. Our software allows you to search the statistics of each archived configuration, with over 23 million combinations! In the current version, the software systematically generates and updates 3 types of filters with different search systems: Based Filter, Advanced Filter, League Filter. Each fiter has same root (spread and total line handicap), but more and different control on odds and league values. The result obtained allows you to consult the configuration trend, confirming the market choice, reducing the risk of your sports investment.

    How Using Service

    AsianBetSoccer is a free service based on proprietary software, which allows you to view, study and analyze Asian odds and historical statistics from the best reference bookmakers in the world. The service is divided into:

    Tables: AsianOdds, ACT, ACX

    In this pages you can displays the matches data, AsianOdds and asian handicap, asian configurations trend (ACT) and the asian configuration index (ACX) which indicates the market with the best success rate. It is possible to analyze the games ended from last 30 days, view live data of in-play games and study the matches scheduled for the next 7 days. In the current version it is possible to filter the Odds, ACT and ACX with any combination, obtaining superior performance for data research and analysis.

    Compare Odds and Stats

    For each match, the asianodds and asian trend comparator of all bookmakers is available, with the integration of the AvgOdds (average odds/handicap and sum of statistics).

    AsianOdds Archive

    On the archive page, the games that form the total number of the statistics of the reference configuration can be displayed. You can filter matches using any data (This tool will be available in the next version).

    Market Moves

    This page will display all the variations of the odds, spreads and total for the reference game with the related configuration and statistics. In this way it will be possible to have the statistics updated over time, keeping the changes under control (This tool will be available in the next version).

    Useful Pages

    AsianBetSoccer offers a user guide where you can find the explanation of what are and how AsianOdds work, asian handicap odds, how the site is structured and the functions of the filters and colors. If you have any questions to ask, you can consult the frequently asked question page or, if you cannot find the answers, you are looking for send us a message. Information about us and our work can be found here.

    Good job!

    You are now ready to use our football betting tool. Hoping that you enjoy our work, enjoy the services offered by AsianBetSoccer and good sport investment!