Coming Soon Web Site information

The Web Site (the "Site") is an online information service provided by (""). Our service was created in 2008 and constantly improved until today.

What is the service?

Our service consists of creating a configuration for each game in the schedule, according to a set of pre-established and verified criteria, comparing them with the games archived over the years. All the games they have similar configuration are counted forming the statistics for different types of bets. For each new game, therefore, we will have a success rate for 1X2 bets, double chance, asian Hp, Under / Over, Goal / No Goal, Multigoal (both for final and partial results 1T). For information on the criteria and configurations read our guide.

Data Processing and Tips

Our data is processed on our server through an automatic process of odds acquisition, configuration creation, database comparison, output. The statistics and tips for bets are processed automatically and independent. WE CANNOT MODIFY THE RESULTS IN NO WAY!

AsianBetSoccer Staff

Our team is made up of a group of people who work to improve the service and to improve your experience on the site. Our office is located in Italy, looking anyway to offer a fairly international service, as the system we created is accessible from all over the world.