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New Bot dedicated to Red Cards

By popular demand, we inaugurate the opening of the new telegram bot dedicated to sending notifications in which the performance is altered by a red card present in the match.
Notifications are generated automatically by our server h24 7/7, being able to take advantage of the information in real time to improve the yield of your betting.

How can I join the new bot?

To enjoy the free trial follow the instructions below:

How do I analyze notifications?

After joining the bot, you are surely wondering what is the best strategy to follow to draw the best profit from the information received.
Here are some tips and ideas you can follow to choose the best matches:

Useful tips

Red cards increase the likelihood of a slowdown or acceleration of match trend.
The red card does not automatically determine that the team with more men becomes favored, but can upset the psychological balance by changing the course of events.
It is recommended to weigh the choice of market entry, based on the entry point of the notification.
This is essential to choose the market on which to bet.
Here are some practical examples:

The above indications are for indicative purposes only. Each reported match must be carefully analyzed and it is recommended to enter the identified market only if you can determine the trend of the match.

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Article dated June 5, 2022

AsianBetSoccer Staff