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Private Telegram Notifications for Tipster

The new Private Bot service of Asianbetsoccer is aimed at all those who have users to follow them and thanks to it you can automatically receive predictions processed with your method, comfortably in your private channel. If you are tired of searching for matches in the daily archive or otherwise you prefer to save time by continuing to offer your service always at the top, we invite you to read with attention this post.

See how it works

Asianbetsoccer in collaboration with professional developers, will automate the selection process of daily matches, after having given us the information necessary for the development of your parameters. During development, you will receive the necessary assistance to connect your predictions processed by our server in your private channel followed by your users. If you have read everything and think that this service is just what you needed, follow the instructions below to understand the steps needed to realization of all this:


Create the list of parameters that you usually use to select the matches you have forecast (for example: spread changes, dropping odds, Asian methods, etc.).
At this point contact us on telegram, providing us with the parameters of your project that you would like to automate and we will give you the result of feasibility for automation.


After verifying that your parameters can be automated, we will proceed to the development with your consent, indicating the times, ways and costs to receive the predictions processed in your private channel.


During development, you will need your support to allow us to connect all the tools in your private channel, so you can directly receive predictions processed by our software.


In the days following the test of the service, Asianbetsoccer will provide you with assistance you need to fix any problems in notifications or to change some parameter according to your needs.


For private bot development we need further information at the stage of contact, useful to successfully complete the service. We will ask you the details in question after contacting us.


a.   How can I request my private bot?
To request a private bot Contact us on telegram and we will give you the assistance necessary for development.

b.   How much the service costs?
Costs for private bot creation and subscription are variable. The factors influencing the cost are:

After contacting us and analyzing your request we will be able to define the total of the contribution requested.

c.   After giving confirmation of private bot development what should I do?
After confirming that we can proceed with the development, we will provide details for the development contribution, at that point after receiving credit notification, our developers will start working on your project. We will give you an estimate of the time required for development, and in the meantime you will stay in touch with our staff Telegram to complete the stage of connecting the necessary tools in your private bot.

d.   How do I checkout for the service?
You will receive all the necessary instructions to complete the checkout by telegram assistance after giving us confirmation of start of activity.

e.   When should I pay the contribution?
The development fee will be charged before starting work. To end of the test by receiving the first notifications in your private bot, you can proceed with the deposit the monthly fee for the service, through custom link to the checkout that we will provide you.

f.   Are there any commissions to be paid in addition to the monthly fee?
The management costs of your private bot only include the required monthly contribution. They will not be charged other costs related to the number of users subscribed to your private channel or to the sharing of predictions. You can therefore take full advantage of the service after having provided the renewal.

g.   Can I edit, improve and/or add filters to my method while it is active?
You can do whatever you need to improve your private bot at any time. For parameter changes you will receive free assistance, while for integrations we will indicate any additional costs.


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Article dated January 31, 2021

AsianBetSoccer Staff