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Gradual return to normality

Finally after a few months of social distance caused by the health emergency represented coronavirus COVID-19, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. For this reason, given the gradual reopening by many countries around the world (PHASE 2), with possible return to training of the teams, Asianbetsoccer establishes the normal resumption of its services on
June 01, 2020

Job Telegram update

On the date listed above (except for an extension of the lockdown that does not yet allow a condition acceptable), all services related to Telegram channels will be closed to the public with seats limited. Given the difficulty with which everyone is trying to overcome this difficult moment, the staff of Asianbetsoccer wants to meet their users, giving away other 30 days of free access beyond the chosen period with the contribution to support our project.

How to claim for this promotion

Read the Telegram channel page from this link, choose the channel you are going to follow and join through the instructions that you will find in the dedicated table. After the transaction, your telegram account will be automatically joined to your chosen channel with the addiction of another 30 days of free access!
For informations or problems please contact us on Telegram

*Promotion valid from 01/05/2020 to 31/05/2020

Info and Contacts

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Article dated May 01, 2020

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