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    New filters, more schedules, ACT and ACX

    After a long wait, we are pleased to inform you that the update of the Asianbetsoccer portal was finally released. In addition to the new design, from today you can consult the schedules of the next 7 and last 30 days. The updates improved to 1 minute, and the flash on latest odds change has integrated. The absolute novelty concerns the possibility of filtering each value of the Asian configuration, i.e. spread, odds, total line, under/over, payout and points.

    3 types of ACT (Asian Configuration Trend) have been integrated, including:
    Based Filter (already present),
    Advanced Filter
    League Filter

    The statistics of the second half markets have been inserted and those already present have been increased! It's now possible to filter the ACTs based on the total number of matches and the reference statistics, from the "Stats Settings" menu. The ACX (Asian Configuration Index) of all the ACTs have been integrated, displaying the best statistical results among all the markets offered. You can also filter ACXs from the dedicated menu! As well as a new user-friendly view and smart buttons, to work better and faster. To date, our database has the odds and statistics of over 1.6 million matches! For any information on new features, we have updated our user guide. You can consult it in THIS LINK.

    Upgrade overview

    The update consists of the following points:

    • Schedule of next 7 days
    • Schedule of last 30 days
    • Latest Odds changes (flash background on refresh)
    • Asian Configuration Filter
    • New ACT statistics
    • Second Time markets and more
    • New algorithm for ACX
    • Revisited layout for a better browsing experience
    • Last 24 hour ACX results
    • Updating comparator with the new tools and data

    Happy surfing

    We wish you a good navigation on our portal, hoping to continue together this growth path. What are you waiting for, use our free tools and discover all the secrets of AsianOdds to improve your sports investment!

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    Article dated April 3, 2024

    AsianBetSoccer Staff