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    How AsianBetSoccer works?

    AsianBetSoccer is a service for the control of the AsianOdds of the games scheduled all over the world. Our software processes a series of values based on AsianOdds and assigns the "configuration" created at every game in the schedule. Each game with its configuration comes inserted in our Database (which currently counts about a million games). The new configuration is searched in the database based on a filter standard or customizable, returning the total account of the matches with similar configuration and the results of the major types of bets. To understand what it is and what the configuration is formed from, read ours tutorial. The results obtained from this comparison are amazing, in fact this exclusive AsianBetSoccer method ("ABS software") is not a real control on statistics, but rather, a direct check on what the bookmakers think about the reference game; And who, more than those who offer the odds, can you have information about it?

    What are AsianOdds?

    AsianOdds means the odds offered in Asian format. A handicap (spread) is awarded to the favorite team in such a way to make the values for the sign 1 (odds 1) and sign 2 (odds 2) balanced. A value is assigned to the possible number of total goals of the match (total line) in order to make the values balanced for the Under sign and the Over sign. The set of these values, form the Asian configuration of the game. To better understand how the AsianOdds work shows the example in ours tutorial.

    why can't I register?

    It's not yet possible to register on the site because the current version has no restrictions for users. All parts of the site not accessible are currently under construction. You can find information about our work by reading Here. To have update information follow our Facebook page.

    What are the AsianBetSoccer's services?

    The site offers the possibility to check the AsianOdds variations in the statistics pages for ended games, in real time and schedule. In the pages different filters can be added to improve the experience in the use of the service. The asianodds of the best bookmakers can be viewed. All parts that are disabled or not accessible are still under construction. You can find information about our work by reading Here.

    There are a lot of data and colors. What do they mean?

    To understand all the data and colors on the pages, please visit our detailed tutorial where each single piece of information is explained.

    The times of the matches are wrong. How can I change them?

    If the time of the matches is wrong you need to set the time zone by going to settings> Timezone and selecting the current time zone in your country.

    In the mobile version I can't find the links to the pages

    For mobile devices press -> menu -> for useful links, -> for statistics pages.

    In the mobile version I can't find the statistics of the matches

    For mobile device press on for show statistics;
    press on to return odds.
    You can also simply swipe your finger left and right to change the display.

    I can't access the Archive and Market pages

    The Archive and Market pages are not accessible in this version because has not yet been integrated. We work constantly making the missing parts to offer you total control for each game in the schedule. You can find information about our work by reading Here. Follow our Telegram Official to get news about online service.

    Some tips change after the game ends. Why?

    The AsianBetSoccer software calculates tips based on a minimum number of total comparisons found, and a high success predetermined percentage. Every game when finished it is added to the archive by changing the statistics. In case in which with the newly added game the minimum number of matches is reached, will come calculated the tips; instead if the success rate decreases it will not come most displayed betting tip.

    What does the tips "alert" mean?

    When the word "alert" (with a red background) is displayed for a game, means that the odds have undergone a great variation on the type of play indicated (alert 1/2/Un/Ov). They are therefore not intended as a prediction, but as indication of large odds/handicap variations.