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If you are reading this page, using our service, you will find our project interesting. Below you will find information on the continuation and improvement of AsianBetSoccer. The service we offer you needs your help to become an infallible analysis tool, for this reason we believe in your support. We thank you if you intend to continue reading, discovering how you can become our partner.

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AsianBetSoccer aims to systematically expand and improve the tools offered for each version released. Our intent is to create an increasingly large community where everyone can use the service in every part without limitations. This goal needs everyone's strength to be achieved.

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Through a donation we will use the budget to keep the domain active, with a site navigable in complete safety, at maximum speed and guarantee on a service that is always online. Also with your donation, indicating your email address,
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If you still don't know our official facebook page, share our posts and invite your friends to meet us. By increasing the popularity of AsianBetSoccer, through the your shares, you can request access to the private group of administrators and service partners, where they come from shared ideas, studies, forecasts and analysis for betting progressions.

Contact us for ideas on improvements

If you are an AsianOdds expert and believe that our service is a useful tool for checking matches, but you have ideas to improve our site you want to share with us, write to us at the address

Improvements and Integrations

We continue to work tirelessly adding our ideas to expand and improve the service we offer you.

In the next version

Now we are creating the AsianOdds Archive pages, where you can view the games that make up the statistics, and Market Moves pages, to see all the variations in altitude of each game, with the statistics relating to each change of configuration. With your help, we could continue the work to include the filter advanced customizable for configurations, so you have better statistics for even more results relevant.

In later versions

We intend to increase the odds available for the upcoming games to a week, while being able to view the odds and results of matches ended last month.
We will add the details for each game with the form status (last 5 matches), head to head and precedents.

Experimental ideas

To make the service more and more in line with your needs, we decided to create the section for each user, where you can save the customized configurations that return the prediction chosen for the matches in the next, live and last pages. This means that you can have your typical configurations at hand, and have the prediction already available without having to waste time checking every variation.
We're picking up a method created by us that provides for the control through the European odds 1X2 in the same way as the AsianOdds. We plan to integrate the 1X2 configurations in later versions.

Site upgrade

If you decide to support us, through a monthly donation, we can increase our server's capacity, giving us the opportunity to increase the computing power of our software. This translates into a benefit for users, who can control data much more effectively and quickly.


We thank you for the time you have dedicated to us and that you spend with us. We hope our work can help you find the best system for your bets, and that everyone can appreciate our service and can support us. If you haven't already done so, press the button below and help us.

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